Ivana Rehman, PhD

Applied Linguistics & Technology, Iowa State University

Teaching Experience

Iowa State University - English Department (Fall 2015 - present)

  • Seminar in Applied Linguistics - Intelligibility in Research and Teaching (ENGL 630 - co-teacher with Dr. John Levis)

    • This seminar explored topics on intelligibility in second language pronunciation learning and teaching. Intelligibility is the study of how speech is produced so that it is understandable in various ways, and more importantly, how speech is successfully perceived by listeners. In this seminar, we gave special emphasis to the connection of intelligibility and deviations in pronunciation features.

  • Oral Language & Technology (ENGL 530 - co-teacher with Dr. John Levis)

    • Structure and description of oral language and discourse. How spoken language is linguistically described, analyzed, and taught for research and for education. Using technology to record, transcribe, and analyze spoken language at all levels of linguistic structure.

  • Introduction to Linguistics (ENGL 219)

    • This course is an introduction to linguistics, the systematic study of language. It considers not only the English language, but other languages and how they compare to English to give students an idea of language universals. The aim of the course is to help students understand the foundations, principles, and characteristics of language. The course will include foundational content on the structure of language (considering morphology, syntax, phonetics, and phonology), as well as the meanings of language (semantics).

  • Communication Skills for International Teaching Assistants (ENGL 180)

    • Teaching pronunciation, conversation, and presentation skills to international teaching assistants with an emphasis on greater fluency and intelligibility in spoken English.

  • ISUComm Foundation Communication Courses (ENGL 150 & ENGL 250)

    • College level communication courses. These courses offer a vision of communication education appropriate to a changing world of communication practice. In particular, they promote a curriculum that is contemporary in its attention to new forms of information technology, comprehensive in addressing the many manifestations of communication expertise, and consistent in its emphasis of ongoing communication experiences throughout the entire undergraduate career. The goal of this curriculum is to prepare our graduates to communicate with confidence and integrity in the varied contexts of their academic, professional, and civic lives

St. Cloud State University - Intensive English Center (Fall 2012 - Spring 2015)

  • All levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

    • Listening & Speaking

    • Pronunciation

    • Conversation

    • Reading & Writing

    • Grammar

    • Cultural Orientation